Story 32 of 100: Kristin and Samara

August 9, 2018

In June Kristin and Samara celebrated their 4 year match anniversary. Over the years they have done a variety of activities together: hiking, volunteering, going to sporting events and much more. While the activities were fun, they both place more emphasis on the relationship they have developed. “This is for life!” says Samara. “This is more than a volunteer opportunity. I don’t think of this as a program but rather a friendship we have built,” says Kristin.

What is your favorite match memory?

Kristin: On Christmas Eve my sisters and I cook a big batch of chili and go down to Civic Center Park and hand it out. Samara has come with me for the past four years—it’s our tradition now. I loved seeing her handing out the chili. She is such a happy little spirit and she will talk with anyone.

Samara: Last time we hung out I got to go to her house and meet her chickens! That was pretty cool; I couldn’t believe she had chickens!

What’s one thing you have learned from each other?

Kristin: Samara has taught me that you can have a good time no matter where you are and she has taught me to be thankful for the people around you.

Samara: She has taught me to stay positive, even during hard times and to keep that friendly spirit.

What is your favorite thing about Samara?

Kristin: The way she values people and relationships over material things. She always puts others first but also knows how to stand up for herself.

What is your favorite thing about Kristin?

Samara: I love how joyful she is—she’s always smiling! She brightens up my day.

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