Story 33 of 100: Lee and Jeremiah: September Match of the Month

September 26, 2018


Jeremiah and Lee are a great example of how well a new match can do when everyone is excited about building a new relationship from day one. We ask our Sports Buddies volunteers for one Saturday per month but Lee makes sure he is available for two or three events each month. He’s always excited to spend time with his Little and is easy to schedule with. Allyssa, Jeremiah’s mom, is responsive when it comes to scheduling and is happy to sign him up for as much as possible. And Jeremiah is on time and ready to have fun when he arrives to the events. This match has friendly, positive attitudes. Communication is key to creating a lasting relationship and Lee and Jeremiah do a great job of talking when they see each other.

The match recently had a blast during the Rapids soccer game which was a first for Jeremiah and a nice treat for Lee. They’ve gone on a hike at Red Rocks, played kickball and soccer, and even got to meet and hang out with Colorado Rockies players during our baseball clinic.

Since being matched at the beginning of the summer, the pair have already attended 8 Sports Buddies events together. They’ve done a wide range of activities and recently attended the Big Birthday Bash.  They got a big kick out of the giant Legos and spent most of their time building different structures.  Afterwards, Lee gave Jeremiah a birthday card and thanked him for being his Little brother. He told Jeremiah that he appreciates him hanging out and having fun together. It was a very nice jester on Lee’s part and really showed how much the match means to him. Mom said they couldn’t be happier with how things are going and feels lucky they got such an amazing Big Brother. They have no plans of slowing down and are looking forward to many more exciting adventures ahead.