Story 34 of 100: Ian and Tan: October Match of the Month

October 16, 2018

Ian and Santana have been matched since January 2014 and so many years later their match is stronger than ever. Their success should be attributed to each member of the match (Ian, Santana, and dad, Orlando) collaborating incredibly well and demonstrating their commitment to the relationship through action. They take great advantage of opportunities for free tickets to sporting events and agency-run events. In the past year alone they have attended the holiday party at South Suburban Ice Arena, the Ski Trip, two Broncos games, the camping trip, and our Battle Zone nerf war backpack giveaway event (see photo).  And they are looking forward to flexing their skating muscles again this year at our holiday party.

Not only do they know how to have fun, but they know how to be intentional, too. They recently drafted a document of goals for their match for the years ahead of them. One goal was to designate an outing per month for academic check-ins: opportunities to work on anything school-related that Santana feels might need extra attention. Ian and Santana model what it means to be a successful match. They continually exemplify good sportsmanship and a positive attitude at agency events, communicate consistently and have a deep regard for the each other’s feelings and interests, and are quick to share with the agency news of all the exciting things they’ve been up to along with photos. Congrats to them on their upcoming fifth match anniversary!